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Welcome to Study in Chongqing China!

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It has been raining all these days, and the sun didn’t show up until the Autumnal Equinox. To Russian students’ surprise, the temperature is almost 30 degree centigrade in late September. Nika said that it has been chilly autumn in Russia at this time, and the temperature is around 10 degree centigrade. It is no exaggeration to say that it is snowing in some regions.

Due to the wet and humid weather, people in Chongqing love eating spicy food so much. As it is the first time for these Russia students to come to Chongqing, they want to try some local flavor. Zhanna says that unlike Chongqing food, the food in Russia is lite in taste, as a result, she needs some time to adapt to it. Another student called Maria falls in love with hot pot in Chongqing. She said that she has been tired of eating sea food in Russia, and she wants to have a brand new taste. The canteens in SWUPL campus have all kinds of food and can satisfy different taste of them.

The Chinese culture has been alive for around 5,000 years. Therefore, we have arranged some activities that can make students from Russia experience the traditional Chinese culture, which can also give them a chance to gain a better understanding toward Chongqing and China deeply.

In paper-cut class, students cut various paper-cuttings together with the teacher, which show both the Chinese and the Russian culture. Students learned some movements and played swords in Chinese Kungfu class. They can also feel the distinctive opera culture through costumes and certain types of facial makeup in operas in Sichuan Theatre.

China and Russia have always been treating each other as strategic partners in the International Community. The Russian students are interested in China’s legal system, national policies and economic development. The students Nika and Kseniia find the similarities between Chinese and Russian laws after they have studied the Chinese legal system. “They all belong to the continental law so we can accept them quickly and easily. ” The courses of the Belt and Road Initiatives and E-commerce enable the Russian students to feel the rapid development of China and the bright prospect of Sino-Russian cooperation in the future.

In addition, the class experience in SWUPL also received a lot of praise from the Russian students. Natalie said that classes in SWULP is interactive. First, the rich courseware is interspersed with pictures and videos. Second, teachers like to interact with students. They ask students various questions in class, which not only catch students’ attention but also help them understand the knowledge better.

ChongQing witnessed the confluence of Jaling river and Yangtze river. Nizhny novgorod, where the Russian Higher School of Economics located, is also located at the confluence of Volga river and its tributary Orca river. Born from water, rising with industry, the two cities are similar to some extent.

During these ten days,we seem to know about each other better. Differences in climate and diet cannot prevent us from coming together. Differences in language and culture cannot stop us from knowing about each other. I hope “the Belt and Road Initiative” can be full of our footsteps and connect our friendship. See you next time.