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On the afternoon of October 16th, the 2018 Autumn recruiting new interview of Volunteer Organization of International Education(IVO), SWUPL was conducted in Meeting Room 1002, Qinye Building, which has appealed more than 400 students in the campus. Ministers of each department held the post of the interviewers.

In order to meet the arrival of new blood, the Chairman and ministers of each department of IVO convened a meeting, discussing the interview process and the detail of related flow.

In a move away from its usual completely oral interview format, the interview was divided into two parts. Interviewees were demanded to wait at the waiting area on the second floor, take a written examination of different departments as required, and queue up at the door of the Room 1002 to have an interview successively.

In the course of interview, interviewers, according to the nature and priorities of the job, focused on the students’ comprehensive ability, for instance, oral communication, activity execution, teamwork and so on. Interviewees answered the questions flexibly and unhurriedly. The interview has made brisk headway through the maintenance of order by staffs on the spot.

Through this recruiting new interview, each department has absorbed talents injecting fresh blood for VOIE, and provide a good chance for volunteers to improve their ability and to open their international view.