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The first “CHINESE CORNER” held by School of International Education began in the international student activity center at 7:00 pm last Friday. It provides an open and comfortable site for students from different countries to learn Chinese, exchange diverse cultures and make innovative points.

Qin Jie, dean of School of International Education made a concise speech. She thanked all the students who took part in this activity, and it was their participation that made it go smoothly, and also placed high expectations on the bright future of the "CHINESE CORNER".

Before the beginning of the activity, international students from Lao, Thailand, Myanmar, France, Germany, Uzbekistan and so on, together with international students volunteers and SWUPL-CWRU program students watched the documentary - “Aerial China”.

Nguyen Thi Ngoc from Vietnam said, “after watching the documentary, I think Chinese scenery is wonderful. The beautiful seaside, the fascinating jungles and the historic places of interest which made a very forceful impression on me. I want to travel to different places in China during my study here and it also gives me the motivation to make money.”

Students from Vietnam did a great job in the one of the game called What the Doodle, and figured out all the words. As a reward, they got three postcards. Bouifrou Vanessa, from France, gave us a vivid performance on dragon, both wonderful in voice and emotion. Ei Ei Mon from Myanmar also performed really well on Beijing Opera.

The first activity of “CHINESE CORNER” has come to a successful end. Students took an active part in the activity and it turned out to be brilliant. The volunteers were also shocked by the ability of foreign students to express themselves in Chinese fluently, which enabled them to make friends from different countries much easier. Everyone’s looking forward to the next activity of "CHINESE CORNER".