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At 7:00 pm on November 22th, the Journey of Technology and Psychology activity officially began in the international student dormitory, negative on the first floor. Students from various major took part in it and had an unforgettable time together.

The first theme was VR virtual dreams, the project was mainly aimed at people with acrophobia (fear of heights), helping treat this disease. Experiencers brought VR glasses, as if they were in a real environment: take the elevator to the 70-story building, observe the surroundings on the high-rise, and even count the vehicles under the building, which was especially exciting for the experiencers.

The second theme was VR mental health. This time, more VR glasses were delivered to all personnel, giving everyone a chance to experience. The VR glasses presented a variety of scenes, a variety of plants and animals, and warm and exciting scenes. Through VR glasses to achieve catharsis, relaxation and other functions, everyone praised.

The students who participated in the game “ six people, four feet and two hands”opened up their brains according to the rules of the game and explored different movements. The game was in full swing and the students suggested that they wanted to play another round. The atmosphere was full of laughter, very active and enjoyable.

At the end of the game session, this event came to the VR experience. The teachers of the AL Psychology team showed the students the experience of the device and demonstrated the way of operation.