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Option 1: Register and apply online: https://swupl.17gz.org/member/login.do

Option 2: Come to School of International Education , SWUPL in person with the required materials.

Office: Room 6017 Qinye Building.

Option 3: Send the application materials via email to the School of International Education, SWUPL.

Email: swuplrecruitment@126.com

Note: If you submit the materials via email or by post, you must submit application online.

b. Apply for Chinese visa and time of enrollment

To qualified and accepted students an admission notice and a JW 202 Form will be granted, with which, and together with the original Physical Examination Record, the applicants can apply a visa at the Chinese Embassy or Chinese Consulate in the applicants’ countries. Those whose term of study is shorter than 6 months should apply for Visa X2. Those whose term of study is longer than six months should apply for Visa X1.